Our first few days at Galen

On my first day at Galen I wasn’t very nervous, just very excited. Mostly for sports, friends, food tech and heaps more. My favorite bit about my few first days here were R.E, Art, SENIT and the canteen.

It has been great so far with all the new people and friends I have met already. The canteen is great with all the great food and the cheap prices! Galen is already better then primary school. I am especially excited about all the sporting opportunities that I can participate in. Like cricket, football, basketball, soccer and heaps of other great things to do!

By Lachlan Bray


When I started Year 7 I was really nervous about all my books, getting to class on time, the people in my class and catching the bus. But once I got to school I was fine, I had realized I was actually really excited to be starting High School. All the people in my class are really nice and the teachers are really helpful.

I’m glad I came to Galen and can’t wait for the rest of Year 7!

By Isabella Humphreys


On my first day at Galen I was so nervous and excited about starting high school. When I got to school I noticed that everyone else was just as nervous as I was. I felt heaps better knowing knowing that Galen was not as scary as I had thought. In most of the subjects we had on our first day, we mostly played games and did fun and easy things.  All the teachers and students are understanding and went pretty easy on the Year 7s. I made many new friends that are in my homeroom and I get along with everyone in my class.

One of the things I was worried about was the amount of homework we would get. It turns out that you don’t get homework unless you have a homework task or if you don’t finish work in class. I really enjoy learning at Galen and can’t wait to continue at Galen.

By Brooke Watson