Students savour Heston’s delights

Unit 4 Food Studies students recently had the opportunity to dine in luxury at Heston Blumenthal’s exclusive restaurant in Melbourne. Due to the students success in catering for guests attending the recent STEM Expo in August, Education Advantage were so impressed with their amazing dishes that they decided to reward the students for their work, paying for the group to dine in the lap of luxury! When asked to describe the experience in one word, Charlotte McKenzie and Elizabeth Sinclair both simply stated, “Exceptional” and “extraordinary!”

Egg in verjus; a panacotta and custard dessert with a chocolate shell. One of Heston’s creations that has been featured on MasterChef.

Charlotte added, “I was really impressed by the experience, from the food to the service, it was all amazing.” Elizabeth was left speechless after the evening. “The service was just so impressive, and their attention to detail was incredible. It was next level!”

The students would like to sincerely thank Education Advantage for allowing them the opportunity for the dining experience. They also expressed their gratitude to their teacher Mrs Hernandez. “Her husband also drove us down and without her support, we wouldn’t have experienced this fine occasion”.