Year 7 Girls Cricket

On the 1st of November, the year 7 girls cricket team travelled to the Regional Cricket carnival for 2018. Our first game was against Tallangatta District High school, we played very well but unfortunately their bowling was fast paced and revolving on most balls, this left us with a disappointing score of 64-108. Our next game was against Euroa High school this game was very similar to our first, it was difficult and they were very strong but there bowling was not great meaning it was very difficult to make runs but they didn’t have the same struggle as us which meant they made a lot of runs, this once again lead to a disappointing score of 89-105. Our final pool game for the day was against Wanganui Park High school, we come out firing and played our best game so far, we made a lot of big hits and our bowling was fantastic winning us 4 wickets. After winning our first game we came out with confidence in our final game for the day against Tallangatta, we played our best game for the day by far, our fielding and bowling was great and our batting was outstanding giving us plenty of 6’s against very strong and fast paced bowlers. It was a nail biter of a game but luckily, we rose above and won 90-93. It was a great day with some great results, we improved each game and became stronger players. Overall, we now place 3rd in the region. A huge thankyou to Meg Allen, Tom Stewart, Mr. Arcuri and Nick Impink for coaching, supporting and umpiring us throughout the day. Thanks to all the girls; Alex McInnes, Ruby Rigoni, Makai Eames, Sophie Paton, Olivia Holmes, Jaimie Field, Tori Samson, Sahara Lewis, our Captain Ruby Cook and our Vice Captain Jen Taylor. Thanks for an awesome day, we can’t wait for next year. #Catcheswinmatches #YTG