Wellbeing links for young people!

• Headspace – www.headspace.org.au
Mental health is the single largest health issue facing young Australians. Headspace provides services tailored to young people aged 12 to 25, taking into account the different challenges they you may face such as: depression; body image issues; problematic drug and alcohol use, family or relationship problems and difficulties at school or at work. Check this link for resources and info.

• E-Headspace  – https://www.eheadspace.org.au
Offers live info sessions over the Internet in an anonymous way to get advice from experts and learn from other peoples q’s around your wellbeing.

• Kids Help Line – http://www.kidshelp.com.au   1800 55 1800
Got something troubling you about a friend or family member? Maybe you’re working through something that requires some supportive advice and information? Kids Help Line offer a web based and telephone service for young people that is professional and tailored to suit teenagers.

• Youth Beyond Blue – http://www.youthbeyondblue.com
A great one-stop shop for resources and information about young people and having exceptional mental health. The resources on this link will give you information you need to understand and make connections with services and resources around mental health.

• Mood Gym – https://moodgym.anu.edu.au/welcome
An interactive web based program designed to help you with the way you think things through, process information and understand your world when it comes to dealing with emotions, feelings, depression and anxiety. Also anonymous you can login in the privacy of your home. You can use this alongside counselling too!

• Carers Australia – http://www.youngcarers.net.au    Call 1800 242 636
Are you a young carer who needs to talk? Do you look after someone in your family that requires special care?  Young Carers is an Australian voice for family Carers representing and supporting carers. This web links you to resources and services that can assist and support you in this role.

• Cybersmart Resources – http://www.cybersmart.gov.au/Teens.aspx
What you do online can affect your whole world. Need some guidance and information that’s up to date and useful? This link will provide you with teen specific information that will keep you on track in the digital world.

• Good Grief – http://bit.ly/12xtIvr
Negotiating the stages and phases of loss and grief can often be easier when you know a little about you’re experiencing. Grief can come in many ways, the death of a loved one, or friend, the loss of something precious (i.e family pet), family breakdown, friendship/conflict, loss of identity, changing schools. Moving house, relationship breakdown, missing out on something  that important to you. It’s when we can’t find a way to cope by ourselves, that’s when we need to see a counsellor for support. You can access wellbeing services for counseling support or services we can suggest something.

• Reachout- http://au.reachout.com
If you need to reach out and access resources and information that can help you bridge the gap between not knowing to knowing what to do when going through tough times, Reachout might provide some good pointers. A youth friendly services that is relevant tailored to young people run by young adults.

Remember that you can also check out the services of your Wellbeing team at Galen College to see if that support fits for you!

Wellbeing Smartphone Apps

Here are some Apps below that you might like to check out. Information from http://bit.ly/Uxv8kv

• MoodKit: This smartphone app provides some great CBT follow-up homework for a young people.  It gives you tools to improve and rate your mood, record events and feelings along the way. You can use this to email your counsellor about how you’re feeling each day or week.

• iCope: This was developed by mental health nurses. It offers alternatives to deliberate self-harm by providing practical and easy steps to distract, displace and seek-help, all at the touch of a button and accessible at all times.

• Smiling Mind: Young people adore this. Smiling Mind is a meditation app customised by age for anxiety and depression. We also use a skin conductance (galvanic skin response) machine to give visual biofeedback as they listen. Gizmos can help with engagement! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galvanic_skin_response

• Talking Anxiety: This phone app can help young people and families understand anxiety.

• Body Beautiful: A unique iPhone app that promotes positive body image and self-esteem among women and girls.

• DeepSleep: This app incorporates guided meditation to help overcome insomnia and get to sleep. It can be customised for short or long inductions, and has an alarm for waking up.

• SuperBetter: A remarkable online game that supports young people to achieve health-related goals by increasing resilience.

• Live Happy: A positive psychology app that can be used along side the final stages of therapy.

• Pillboxie: This pill reminder app provides useful reminders to take medication.

• iCounselor: Incorporates strategies for managing a range of conditions, including anger, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression.

• Mnf: Always making excuses for not meditating? This is simply the best way to learn and enjoy mindfulness meditation.

• Sleepmachinelite app – taken from  http://bit.ly/11cMdI3
Sleep Machine is the most advanced white noise ambient sound sleep app available today ! With it’s uniquely elegant multi sound player design, it’s fun and easy to play, mix, and create a truly lifelike sound. Try mixing sounds like rain, beach, or wind. Upgrade to the full version of Sleep Machine and mix sounds with your favorite iPod music too!

• Mindnode – taken from http://bit.ly/15eHMx8
MindNode is an elegant and intuitive mind mapping application. Its focus and flexibility make it a fantastic tool for brainstorming and organizing your life.

If you’ve discovered a great app, make sure you let us know by tweeting at: @GalenCatholic today!